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Whether you are working on a new build, or just want to decrease the energy bills on the old house, Arctic Fox Spray Foam has the insulation services for you! Spray foam insulation can have twice the R-value of standard batt style insulation, it acts as its own vapour barrier, ads strength to the structure, deters rodents and save you money! 

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R-Value Per Inch

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Why Spray Foam?

Traditional fibreglass batt insulation is a poor insulator, providing an R-value of only 3.5 per inch of insulation depth. In contrast Spray Foam may yield an R-value greater than 6 per inch. On top of its great insulative properties, spray foam can act as an impressive acoustic dampener, it deters insects and vermin, can help reduce allergy symptoms, increase a buildings strength, and provide significant energy savings.

Half Pound or Two Pound?

Spray Foam is formulated in a number of densities, each excelling in a different situation. 1/2 pound foam excels at acoustic dampening; 2 pound foam is the  most commonly used foam as a thermal and vapour barrier; 3 pound foam is the best fit for exterior roofing applications; 6 and 8 pound foam are used in slab jacking applications (lifting sinking or settled concrete or buried infrastructure with minimal excavation).

Spray Foam Safety

During application measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the applicators and the residents. Applicators are all certified technicians equipped with the latest forced air respirators to prevent their inhalation of the foam as it is applied. Once the foam has set for 24 hours it is completely inert and safe for the residents to return.

Is Spray Foam Green?

As studies show, building are the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions with the vast majority of that energy consumption due to heating and cooling demands. Spray foam will significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by any building over the course of its life due to its significant thermal efficiency. 

source: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), 2008 Buildings Energy Data Book, Section 1.1.1, 2008.

I hired arctic fox spray foam to insulate my home office/garage. From the get-go I was impressed with their professional service. Jesse came over and inspected the job site. He then promptly provide me a quote later that evening.

His business partner Eric arrived early Saturday morning and completed the job later that day. He also did a full clean and left my house spotless.

I highly recommend arctic fox to all residents of Squamish and the sea to sky corridor.
— Tristan Jenkin


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You may be eligible for a government grant or a rebate on your insulation project. 
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